Writing Program: Week 7 (Just Keep Writing)

As the weeks progress the writing gets more and more intense. I’m not going to lie; it’s even difficult for me to stay on top of the writing schedule. No one said this was going to be easy. So what do you do if life gets in the way of completing a particular day’s worth of writing? I played around with a few options and they all have pros and cons.

Play catch-up

One option would be to double up your writing the next day. You could also try to space out the sessions you missed between several different days.


You stay on the original schedule, finishing Week 20 on time.


By having to find time for extra writing sessions it is easy to fall more and more behind.

Pick up where you left off

If you missed Monday’s scheduled work, move it to Tuesday. Then move Tuesday’s to Wednesday and so on.


No stress of having to catch back up to where you originally left off.


You will have to adjust the date of when you were planning on finishing the program.

Hybrid of catch-up and pick up

This is the option I personally try to use. The majority of the time is picking up where I left off. Then if I have the time and the energy I will try to get an extra session in, catching up to where I originally left off. Also on the last day of the week, since it’s a “rest” day I will use that as a catch-up day, if needed.


Merges the best features of the other two options, while limiting the stress.


You still may need to adjust the date you finish the program.

Of these three options I don’t recommend playing catch-up. I would choose either picking up where you left off or the hybrid option. Writing is supposed to be fun. Don’t let missing a day’s worth of writing stress you

Week 7 Writing Program

First five weeks of the writing program

Weekly Book Recommend

While The Hobbit was the first full length novel I remember being read to me, the first novel I remember reading myself, that truly captivated me was Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. I remember reading this book while at Scout Camp and that the book was more enjoyable than the activities that camp had to offer. Granted, there was the whole section of science jargon that was hard to read, but once you got past that part it was an amazing story.