Get paid for your work, even if no one buys it

Another two successful days completed in my writing program. While the program does start easy, it still causes me to exert extra energy to compete the writing days.

Take yesterday for example, Day 4. I just wanted to sleep. With the weather changing my sinuses have been acting up. Yesterday I had a massive headache. I had to force myself to sit down for 30 minutes and work on my book. I made good progress. While my head was pounding I kept working. After I was done writing I found that the progress I made was much better than the first.

Today, Day 5 is a rest day. Tomorrow will be a different story, more writing.

One of the things that I’ve begun to do to keep myself motivated is to pay myself for my writing. Since I’m treating this as a part time job I worked in giving myself a paycheck, albeit a very small paycheck. For every half-hour that I write I pay myself $0.50. At the end of the week I tally up all the writing sessions I completed and transfer the funds from my checking account into my savings account. This savings account is dedicated just for my writing. With the money saved I plan on buying things such as a new word possessing program, MS Word 2003 is a bit out of date.

Right now I’m keeping these posts short and only do a quick edit on them. So I apologize if something doesn’t read right. As the writing program progresses I’ll have more time to spend on the blog.


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