Week 3 of the Writing Program

I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Instead of writing here and there with small bits of information about the writing program, I’ve decided to provide a week at a time of the program.

Week 2

Last week, week 2, the writing of this week remained the same as last. Day 9 and 11 each consisted of a 30 minute writing sprint. Day 13 was broken up to two 30 minute sprints totaling one hour. Day 10, 12, and 14 were rest days.

Week 3

This week slowly ramps things up a little bit. A new element is being added into the mix, exercise and an additional two hours of writing spread thought the week. Here’s the breakdown:

            Day 15 is another day of reading. It’s important to keep your brain active and fueled with new information.

Day 16 consists of two activities, a 30 minute writing session and the newly added exercise. Exercising is a must, especially with a sedimentary job as writing. For 30 minutes exercise, any exercise. It could be a 30 minute walk around the block, push-ups, yoga, jumping jacks, it can be anything physical.

Day 17 is a day to rest and relax. Spoiler alert, this is the last rest day except for the 7th day of a given week, like I mentioned before, that day is always a rest day.

Day 18, double the writing than before, two sessions of writing. As writers we need to be able to write for more than just 30 minutes a day, especially if we want to make a career or even a part-time job out of it. I find that it’s helpful taking a short five minute brake between sessions to allow the brain to rest and refresh itself before plugging away at another block of writing.

Day 19, back to only one 30 minute session.

Day 20 is a big day for writing, two whole hours (4 sessions each for 30 minutes). For the last two weeks this day was only one hour, its time to get a little more serious. Personally this day for me is Saturday. While it’s only two hours this is still a chunk of time out of my weekend. As each week goes by I slowly have to change how I plan my weekend. While I could write two hours all at once I might write one hour in the morning and the other at night. You can break up the time that best suites you.

Day 21 is another day to rest and to spend time doing whatever you want.

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