Writing program to help beginners write more.

Writing Program: Week 5 (Stick to one project at a time)

This Week in Writing’s Writing Program consists of four sections, Beginner, Intermediate, Proficient, and Advanced, each section lasting five weeks. This week marks the last week in the Beginner section of the program.

In the last few weeks I’ve personally been struggling with trying to edit my book and write these blog posts at the same time. By trying to write two different projects at once I’ve spread myself a little too thin.

To ensure that these posts are sent on time I am dedicating the next few weeks finishing up on writing the rest of the blog posts for the Writing Program. That way I can focus solely on my book.

My recommendation to all of you is to only work on one project at a time. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t make them yourselves. Don’t try to do what I did and write multiple projects at once. Once we get further along in the program there will be more writing sessions, allowing us the ability to write for more than just one project.

On to week five of This Week in Writing’s Writing Program!

Week 5 doesn’t add any additional writing. However, it does add an additional day of exercise.

Day 29

Another day of just reading. Today try reading something you wouldn’t normally read. It’s always good to try something new. If you only prefer reading genre fiction, try reading something more literary. Only like fiction, try nonfiction. I personally try reading a little bit of everything and am always trying something new. You never know, you might find something you really enjoy.

Day 30

One hour of writing today and thirty minutes of exercising. To break up the writing, try exercising between the writing sessions.

Day 31

Read for thirty minutes. With your reading I recommend alternating between two to three types of books.

  1. A book for pure enjoyment
  2. A nonfiction book either on the craft of writing or a self-help book. These types of books can help expand your knowledge and help you look at things in a different light.
  3. A book in the genre that fits the genre of the book that you’re writing. By reading a book that is similar to yours, you can get a better sense of how to write your book. I of course don’t mean copying their story or any part of their book. By studying how someone else crafted their story can help give you ideas on how to craft your own story.

Day 32

Another hour of writing with 30 minutes of exercise. Just as Day 30, try splitting up the writing by exercising in-between your writing sessions.

Day 33

Just one session, 30 minute of writing for this day.

Day 34

The big day of writing. Four sessions, totaling two hours of writing.

Day 35

Rest day. Spend time away from the computer. Enjoy your time with your friends and family. In the next five week, the Intermediate section, there will be an additional 31.5 hours added to the writing program. So rest up, next week we’re adding an additional three hours of writing.

First five weeks of the Writing Program.

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